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Are You Ready?

PN Certified Coach

What makes a PN Coach a Leader? Lots of things.

PN Leaders take action. Decisively. Consistently.

PN Leaders help others. They know that success is not a finite pool, and they pull others up as they climb.

PN Leaders aren’t trying to be anyone other than themselves — their best selves. They don’t fret about “following the herd” or measuring up to some imaginary ideal. They keep it real.

PN Leaders stay focused. They don’t get distracted by “wonder and worry” or detours from the PN Coaching path.

PN Leaders see the big picture. They don’t get bogged down in small daily details. They keep forging ahead, one habit and action at a time.

PN Leaders focus on behaviors, not outcomes, and help others do the same. Leaders know that the quality of the journey — for everyone — is what truly matters.

PN Leaders live with integrity. They live their values and principles, honestly and authentically. They don’t say one thing and do something else.

PN Leaders lead by learning. They’re not afraid to make mistakes or fall down — even in front of other people. They suck it up, dust themselves off, and keep marching forward.

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Project Body Smart – Are You Ready?

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