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9 Tricks to Serving Healthy Foods for Kids

Written by Nick Peterson MARCH 23, 2015in Family Focus with 0 Comments  Finding healthy foods for kids can be quite the challenge. Or maybe the challenge arises more in convincing your kids they’ll actually enjoy the taste of healthy foods. That’s why I thought we…

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Amid the controversy surrounding the purity of nutritional supplements, USANA stands out, once again

News Release @USANAinc #CoQ10 Proven Pure By Nutritional Company Receives Seal of Approval for CoQuinone® 30 SALT LAKE CITY, March 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the controversy surrounding the purity of nutritional supplements, USANA stands out, once again, as a nutritional company you can…

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Settling the great grain debate.

Can wheat and other grains fit into a healthy — and sane — diet? By Brian St. Pierre Are grains saving your life — or trying to kill you? This is the last article you’ll need to read on the subject. Quick: How do you…

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Although the results of this study require further investigation, it suggests that vitamin/mineral supplementation has the potential to improve brain function in healthy children. At a Glance Twelve weeks of supplementation with vitamins and minerals was found to boost the attention scores of children, according…

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Why Exercise is the Least Important Part of the Equation

“But Steve, I don’t like to exercise.” I sat down with a friend recently who had decided he wanted to lose weight, but struggled with getting started. He explained why: the idea of exercise was absolutely miserable to him – he had visions of running…

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Beaches, Boating, BBQs,

 Start now and get ready for the Okanagan Lifestyle. Offer Ends March 31st 2015 at midnight. At Project Body Smart we would like to help you get ready for Spring and Summer.  Not only so you look good but also so you’re healthy and fit to…

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