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USANA Receives NutriSearch Gold Medal Achievement™ For 3rd Time

NEWS RELEASE RECOGNIZED FOR HIGH QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS AND MANUFACTURING PRACTICES     SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — USANA Health Sciences Inc. (NYSE: USNA), a global nutritional supplements company, has received the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” designation in the latest NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, 5th (Consumer) Edition, as…

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Portions may have grown in your favourite Cookbook.

MORE EVIDENCE IT’S NOT JUST RESTAURANTS WHERE PORTIONS HAVE GROWN Reminiscent of the work of Brian Wansink and Collin Payne who showed that those few recipes that found in every edition of the Joy of Cooking from 1936 through 2006 grew with time, here’s a group from…

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Do You Have a Fat Head?

NORTH AMERICA HAS A SERIOUS OBESITY PROBLEM (have you noticed?)     What caused this? Some say it is because our food system has become industrialized, mass-producing an overload of cheap and fatty foods constantly at our fingertips. Nah, while it doesn’t help, that is…

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By: Environmental Working Group A rose may be a rose. But that rose-like fragrance in your perfume may be something else entirely, concocted from any number of the fragrance industry’s 3,100 stock chemical ingredients, the blend of which is almost always kept hidden from the…

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Why are we still discussing this?

If you don’t know that any consumption of Soda Pop is unhealthy then your head has been up your *#$%@! for a long time. A calorie is a calorie? Common! I know we must continue to educate people about making healthy choices, And I will….

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