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How to Conquer Nighttime Food Struggles

By YONI FREEDHOFF RSS Feed Print Yoni Freedhoff Over the course of the past decade, working in a practice exclusively devoted to weight management, I’ve met a great many folks who struggle with their dietary decisions. More often than not, they label themselves as stress eaters, emotional eaters and boredom…

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How to fix a broken diet:

 3 WAYS TO GET YOUR EATING ON TRACK by JOHN BERARDI, PH.D. In this article we’ll share the 3 main strategies we use to help clients fix a “broken diet” and start eating better. We’ll also share how we troubleshoot eating plans when they’ve “just stopped…

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The Health of Our Children

Scientifically Speaking: The Health of Our Children NICK PETERSON AUGUST 1, 2013 AT 7:55 AM Not to sound too cheesy here, but Whitney Houston was so right when she sang,“the children are our future.” I mean, think about it, we’re molding future generations day in and…

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For women: Is taking care of yourself really that selfish?

by JOHN BERARDI, PH.D. | June 17th, 2013 You take care of your loved ones and help them with the details of their lives they’d otherwise miss. You’re a teacher, helper, advisor, and caregiver all wrapped up in one package. But who takes care of … you? Your answer…

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Common medications that could hurt your fitness progress

by KRISTA SCOTT-DIXON | August 1st, 2013 Medications are powerful things. They can actually change your body’s response to a nutrition and exercise program. Here are the common ones to look out for. Whenever we take on new clients in our Precision Nutrition coaching programs, we ask them…

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By Mike Adams (The Natural News) New York City and has taken a step in the right direction with our health system; recently introducing a new program that could change the obesity epidemic that is happening in the US. Dubbed the “Fruit and Vegetables Prescription…

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