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USANA To Open In Columbia

USANA Columbia – Frequently asked questions.   Q. Where is USANA’s office in Colombia? A. USANA’s office in Colombia will be located in Bogota. The office address will be released nearer to the date of our official opening in this market.   Q. Will there…

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Questions From a Trainer

What we ask ourselves or our clients.  

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First step to health and fitness

Your mind and body must continually live in love and harmony with each other in order to initiate the changes necessary to reach your health and fitness goals. Hating your body will only impede the personal growth that it takes to love yourself and live…

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4 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

1. YOU’RE ONLY DOING WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT, NOT WHAT YOU NEED. Doing what you’re good at only keeps you where you’re at.  Sometimes you have to do the things you hate and get better at them to get to the new things you…

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