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Exercise Could Hold Key to Successful Cancer and Mental Health Treatment.

By Dr. Mercola Mounting evidence continues to show that exercise may be a key component in successful cancer prevention and treatment. Studies have also found that it can help keep cancer from recurring, so it’s really a triple-win. Yet not surprisingly few oncologists ever tell…

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Nutrition For The Everyday Athlete – with Dr. Susan Kleiner & Jennifer Azzi

Free Webinar – Nutrition For The Everyday Athlete- May 28th  Please join Dr. Susan Kleiner, and Jennifer Azzi on a special FREE Webinar. Tuesday, May 28th, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM (Pacific) 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (Mountain). From their combined years of experience in the fields of nutrition and…

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Research Review: Should you balance your fats for better health?

by HELEN KOLLIAS | May 10th, 2013 For fifty years, scientists told us that too much saturated fat was bad for our hearts, and advised us to switch to polyunsaturated fats instead. Oops. It turns out that polyunsaturated fats are not all equal, and some of them actuallyincrease the…

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Tips to Combat Negativity

A Healthy Balance: ASHLEY COLLINS Managing relationships is hard work. Whether it’s keeping the family together, being there for close friends, or dealing with co-workers  there are bound to be times where negativity can creep in and get the best of you. Sometimes you can find…

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Must be my Trainer’s Fault

Love it! Although having the right trainer can make a difference.  Don’t be afraid to shop around.

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Strawberry Avocado Kale Salad with Bacon Poppy seed Dressing

This looks good. Gregg Howard Who doesn’t love Strawberries? Who doesn’t LOVE kale? Strawberry Avocado Kale Salad with Bacon Poppy seed Dressing A little twist of the original strawberry salad recipe gets you a kicked up amazing new version of the salad everyone loves! Try…

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