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4 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

1. YOU’RE ONLY DOING WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT, NOT WHAT YOU NEED. Doing what you’re good at only keeps you where you’re at.  Sometimes you have to do the things you hate and get better at them to get to the new things you…

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Fun Rate of Perceived Exertion Chart

Love it. Listen up HITT, Spin Interval, Tabata people. Great way to look at exertion. If you can, go for 7 and above.  

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Foods that can boost workout performance & post-workout recovery.

Dr. John Berardi Check out this quick 4 min video discussing foods that can boost workout performance & post-workout recovery. (Especially interesting: the latest protein on the block, potato. It’s got a comparable BCAA & EAA profile to whey protein.) This segment is from one…

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Dining Out? Tips for Menu Choices

TOSH – The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Eating out? Look for these key words on the menu to help you separate the healthier meals from the less healthy ones.

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