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Vitamin and antioxidant use after breast cancer diagnosis may improve survival

May 29, 2013 At a GlanceInformation gathered from four large breast cancer survival studies in the United States and China show that vitamin and antioxidant use after diagnosis is safe and may even improve survival.Read more about this research below. Vitamin supplement use after diagnosis…

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Chemicals and Personal Care Products.

I’m not sure if this is scare tactics or not as I’m not qualified to make that judgement but common sense tells me that using skin and body care products without doing any research into what goes in all those soaps, moisturisers, deodorants etc. is as irresponsible as not…

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Disgusting and Fascinating at the same time.

I love the show How it’s made.  Some very fascinating content. This one is how hot-dogs are made.

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Lupus Treatment – Sanoviv Medical Institute

Despite being an extensively researched disease, all that conventional medicine can offer are strong medications in an attempt to alleviate symptoms, either by suppressing the response of the immune system and/or blocking the inflammatory response of the affected tissues and organs. This is a typical…

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Motivation Secret #3: Master your fear

By Craig Weller If you’re afraid of failure, you’re not alone. Most of us quake when faced with a major challenge. But the only real failure is not to try. In Part 1 and Part 2, Coach Craig Weller talked about the importance of finding your “deep reason”…

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All About Bad Fats

By Ryan Andrews At PN, we talk a lot about “good fats”, such as omega-3 fatty acids from sources like fish and walnuts. But if there are “good fats”, then by definition there must be “bad fats”. The good news is that because most bad…

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