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An Expert’s Advice on Falls

Follow a Full Fitness Plan to Overcome the Fear and Danger of Falling

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Why the Buddy System Works So Well

At 73, Carolyn Weaver found herself at a crossroads last summer. Why the buddy system works.

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Personal Coaching with Project Body Smart

Get lasting lifespan results that serve you and the way you want to live.

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Exercising with a group helps ensure success

Some people prefer to exercise alone. Others are joiners – happiest when they’re working out and playing with friends or other folks. “Being in a group appeals to me – I like to sign up!” That’s Diane Firmani, a 64-year-old multi-athlete who stays active outdoors…

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Seven Signs It’s Time To Hire A Personal Trainer Today

By James Breese  Posted December 24, 2018  Health and fitness can be like riding a roller coaster. One day you feel like things are great and you have the energy to ride the coaster all the way to the top. The next day, however, you feel like nothing…

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The 1/2 Naked Instagram Issue

CONFIDENCE AND CLOTHING ARE INVERSELY RELATED – AND THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE. Lee Boyce – Habitually posting naked on social media doesn’t necessarily mean you have “more confidence”. And refusing to do so doesn’t necessarily mean you have “less confidence”. Of course, none of…

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