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Nutritional Supplements

JUST TO BE SURE I HELP MY BODY AS MUCH AS I CAN, I TAKE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS AS PART OF BEING BODY SMART. MY EXPERIENCE & OPINION.. I know, I know. Touchy subject but I feel strongly enough and have had enough experience to at…

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STRESS EFFECTS EVERYONE AT SOME POINT Everyone today is under some sort of stress. Financial, Health, Relationship, Work, Family and the list goes on and on. What we do about the stress we’re under is important. Recognizing we’re OVER Stressed and we suffer from PROLONGED…

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SLEEP. WELL IN ONE WORD IT’S NECESSARY. We need good quality sleep for 6 – 8 hours a night according to most scientists. This is when many of the body’s restorative functions happen, both mentally and physically. 
Are you having problems focusing during the day,…

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PBS Exercise Philosophy

BEGINNER & PROGRESSION – WELL HERE GOES… There are so many theories and ways to exercise it gets really confusing on how to start and what to do next. I train a wide variety of clients and use different training techniques depending on their goals. …

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PBS Diet Philosophy

I’m a big fan of eating well, exercising according to your goals, getting lots of sleep, managing your stress levels, and taking a high quality nutritional supplement. 
I’m going to start with my basic diet philosophy. I believe in eating clean, real food. What does…

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Why Choose Our Coaching Program? – 3 Studies

The Precision Nutrition Method now validated in 3 peer-reviewed research studies. By John Berardi, Ph.D. Here at Precision Nutrition we know that our coaching methods help clients lose fat, build strength, and improve their health. Now, with the publication of 3 peer-reviewed research studies, the…

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