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4 Things That Practically Guarantee a Holiday Hangover:

 USANA’s Dr. Dixon Tells You What NOT To Do SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Holidays are all about celebrating with new and old friends; however, they can also lead to hangovers…they are bound to happen. What if you knew better? Dr. Brian Dixon,…

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– A VITAL TRACE MINERAL WITH MANY ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Manganese (Mn) plays an important role in a number of physiologic processes as a constituent of multiple enzymes and an activator of other enzymes. Antioxidant – Because they consume over 90% of the oxygen used by…

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Fish Oil May Lower Breast Cancer Risk in Women

LONG-TERM INTAKE OF FISH OIL MAY LOWER BREAST CANCER RISK IN WOMEN There are several different classifications of breast cancer. Recent research adds strong support to the use of fish oil in reducing the most common classification, known as invasive ductal carcinoma. A study conducted…

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Why this but Not This?

Why is it people will eat and drink this (Even once in awhile) without question and then complain about bloating and other discomfort and degenerative diseases? Why is it we are willing to cover our bodies with this which is taken into the body through our…

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We often get asked what supplements to take for kidney health. Honestly, the best way to support kidney health is to eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of potassium, drink plenty of fluids, and most importantly, avoid high blood pressure and diabetes. If you…

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DUE TO OBESITY RELATED DIABETES AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Gord Palmer: I know BMI is not a great measure of health but you get the idea here.  If you’re overweight or obese you decrease your healthy years and your lifespan. It is well established that excess body…

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