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Infographic: The Warehouse of Cellular Biology

Did you know the cells in your body are the smallest living units capable of reproducing themselves? Don’t let their size fool you though. Cells may be small, but they’re also smart…like really smart. In fact, each cell in your body was made from an…

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Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston studied 12 healthy adults who were randomized to read either a light-emitting eBook or a printed book in dim room light. The participants in each group read for 4 hours prior to bedtime for 5 consecutive evenings….

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The Fat Loss Secret No One Talks About

The A-ha Moment I’ve been journaling—somewhat consistently—since second grade. While unpacking boxes after a recent move, I found an entry from 1991 (I was 9) that read: “I don’t have to always fit into big pants.” I was that guy. The chubby guy who needed his pants tailored…

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5 significant reasons to lose weight.

 (Why isn’t the media covering these?) Forget heart attacks and skinny jeans. This is why weight loss is important. By James Heathers, PhD Avoiding heart disease and looking ‘fab’ aren’t always great reasons to lose weight. However, here are 5 immediate and significant ways your…

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Supplement Spotlight: Let’s Talk About Procosa

Written by Nick Peterson DECEMBER 22, 2014 Shop at USANA Taking care of your joints is crucial, even if you aren’t experiencing any issues right now. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain joint health, and I don’t know about you, but I…

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The Dirty Little Secret About Supplements

 I Wish More People Knew: A Doctor Explains by Dr. Mark Menolascino December 5, 2015 6:05 AM Maybe your doctor recommended you start taking a supplement. Maybe you stumbled across an article somewhere that suggested a certain variety would cure what ails you. Or maybe…

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