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Your beliefs are wrong.

 Are you willing to change? By Steve47 “Your opinion is irrelevant! I’m correct! Look at this study!”Whether it’s Paleo vs Vegetarian, Stretching vs Mobility, Fat vs Carbs, Cardio vs Strength, Star Trek vs Star Wars, or Captain America vs Iron Man, we all have belief…

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Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Morning

By Steve38 Have you heard the story about Van Halen and Brown M&Ms? As the story famously goes, 80’s rock band Van Halen (feel free to listen to “Right Now” while reading this article) had a line in their incredibly detailed contract from their tour…

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Regular Cardio Will Make You Fat

by John Meadows | 05/20/16 Here’s what you need to know… When using cardio while dieting, begin by doing the minimum necessary for fat loss, not the maximum. The most effective cardio for retaining muscle is the kind you don’t need to recover from, which…

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Food Is Not A Reward. Fitness Is Not A Punishment.

MAY, 24 NEGHAR FONOONI MINDSET “I worked out really hard today; I deserve this.” “I ate too much this weekend, so I have to work it off this week with extra cardio.” “I’ve been really good on my diet, so I earned this treat.” “I…

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FDA’s New Food Labels: What to Know

by MAGGIE FOX PlayFDA Rolls Out New Nutrition Labeling for First Time in 20 Years1:45 The Food and Drug Administration rolled out its long-anticipated new food labels Friday, and they’ll include new details on how much sugar is in food and reflect the sad fact…

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18 unique ways to lose the first 10 pounds.

Shape your environment and your body will follow. By Ryan Andrews Changing how you think and feel is hard. Changing your environment isn’t. And by shaping your environment, your body will follow. Here, 18 unique tips for doing just that. Use these to lose the…

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