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Does Exercise Slow the Aging Process?

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS OCTOBER 28, 2015 5:45 AM Credit Getty Images PHYS ED Gretchen Reynolds on the science of fitness. Almost any amount and type of physical activity may slow aging deep within our cells, a new study finds. And middle age may be a…

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How to eat right for your age.

Fitness and nutrition strategies for your 20s through to your 80s. By Krista Scott-Dixon Good health and a killer bod might come naturally in your 20s… but what about your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and yes, even 70s? Here’s how to eat right for your…

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2 Big Reasons Why Cheat Meals Are Worse Than Darth Vader

“I’ll take two giant pretzels, oooh and that macaroni and cheese too. Aaand I’ll take two slices of the deep dish pizza, a dozen pigs in a blanket, a chicken parm sub, and a tall Sam Adams. Don’t worry, it’s my cheat day!” I get…

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Pregnant Women: Is Your Baby’s Nutrition Missing this Key Ingredient?

Written by Camille Fletcher OCTOBER 23, 2015 Pregnancy brings along for the ride a whole barrel-full of questions about nutrition and supplements. I’ve known many women that are completely confident about their health and taking supplements during their “everyday” life who then start to question whether…

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Why You Should Never Buy Disposable Water Bottles Again

We’ve all been there: You’ve just finished a heavy-duty sweat session at the gym, you’re thirsty, and the water fountain looks like it’s covered in eight million people’s saliva, plus a little bit of mold. The easiest solution? Ducking out to buy a bottle of…

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The truth about red wine’s health benefits

by Julia Belluz on October 14, 2015 Health journalism is often filled with conflicting and confusing claims. And there may be no better example of this befuddlement than in the reporting around red wine. One day, a story emerges saying red wine is good for…

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