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Garden Vegetable Soup

Written by Sarah Flinn SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 in From the USANA Test Kitchen  People have started acting like fall is just around the corner. They’re getting excited about the cooler temperatures and the changing colors. Problem is, it’s still really hot. Quite honestly, this insanely hot…

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DR. LIBBY  Looking after your joint health certainly becomes a priority as we age. Joints are crucial to our mobility and if they start to become stiff and sore it’s very difficult to maintain our routines and keep active. The human body has an amazing…

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What are your 4 pounds made of?

How to understand calorie and energy density. By Ryan Andrews People generally eat between three to four pounds of food each day. Processed, calorie-dense foods add up to four pounds a lot quicker than whole, nutrient-dense foods. Want to lose weight? Think about where your food pounds come from….

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Ginger Carrot Soup

Written by Sarah Flinn MARCH 4, 2015 Here in Utah, we have had the warmest winter that I can remember. We’ve had more rain than snow and just a couple weeks ago I actually considered putting my snow boots away (normally, they live right next…

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Nutrition for injury recovery. [Infographic]

Food and supplements to speed up healing. By John Berardi, Ph.D. Injured? Want to recover fast? Hack the healing process with these powerful tips on nutrition for injury recovery. Put the right eating and supplement strategies to work for you or your clients. ++ Injuries happen….

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