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Why Knee Push Ups Won’t Make You Any Stronger

The push up is one of the greatest exercises you can do. It is a full-body movement that can be done anywhere. That said, the push up can be a difficult movement to master for some people, often requiring modifications at first.   This article…

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Inside Beauty Men’s Edition:

 5 Tips to Healthy, Leading-Man Skin Written by Mallory Moger JUNE 17, 2015 in Inside Beauty  Our skin is a mirror of overall health. We live in a world where it’s acceptable for men to admit they care about their appearance. They’ve become more accustomed to…

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Dieting Mistakes

We have come to expect extreme weight loss as the norm from watching some of the popular reality shows on TV today.   It’s not the way to go about it.  Dropping 1- 2lbs per week for people who have a lot to lose is normal…

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To Lose Weight, Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More

EDITED BY DAVID LEONHARDT The Upshot THE NEW HEALTH CARE JUNE 15, 2015 Photo People working out on Manhattan’s Lower East Side last week. Exercise is beneficial for numerous reasons, but it’s not the best way to lose weight, many studies have shown. Credit Todd Heisler/The…

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Is Your Ab Workout Making You Look Fat?

Stop Blaming Blocky Waists on Deadlifts and Squats by Bret Contreras | 06/09/15  Here’s what you need to know… Bodybuilders often advise women to avoid squats and deadlifts, saying these exercises thicken the midsection. They’re wrong. Often, the cause of a bodybuilder’s blocky waist is…

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Finding your off-switch in a world of distraction.

Sleep, stress, and salmon. By Craig Weller     Our bodies function best on deep, clean cycles of highs and lows. When we engage fully and recover deeply we get more done and feel happier while doing it. Studies on elite performers like Olympic athletes…

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