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Saturated Fats and Silly Questions

By David L. Katz, MD Disease Prevention Expert Updated May 15, 2015. I imagine those of you who try to follow the latest news on diet and heart health are pretty confused. One recent study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reaffirmed the…

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Why Your Body May Need a Probiotic Supplement

Written by Matt Jaggi MAY 13, 2015 Heard all the buzz lately about the health benefits of probiotics? Let’s just say I’d be in trouble if I had to rely on the expired carton of yogurt sitting in the back of my fridge to receive…

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A Safer Skin and Body Care Product Line

THE SCIENCE OF SENSÉ™ SKIN CARE As the body’s largest organ, your skin absorbs healthy and unhealthy substances applied to it. Sensé products utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver visible results while being better for you. “Our patented preservative technology will change skin care as we…

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How I Gave Up My Tupperware And Got My Life Back

(Note from GGS: At Girls Gone Strong, we are huge fans of autonomy. We want women to do exactly what makes them feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. If eating a super strict diet and always following a meal plan is something you enjoy, then by…

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Research Review:

Can beets help you run faster? By Jennifer Koslo Supplementing with sodium nitrate has been shown to improve exercise capacity. Yet sodium nitrate in processed foods is a health hazard. New research suggests that you might be able to eliminate those health risks yet still…

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