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The Polar Plunge

  Life can become… Mundane. Boring. Predictable. Routine. Blah. As a result your brain, body and drive go numb. To maintain your zest, zeal and enthusiasm for life and the pursuit of your goals, you need to purposely shock your system, your senses, your vitality…

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Is that Calamari or Sliced Pig Rectum?

I couldn’t resist.  Maybe it’s just me but this made me laugh.  All around the world we eat all kinds of animal parts. Why not pig rectum. Imitation Calamari Investigated By This American Life, Suggested To Have Dubious, Pork-Based Origin.

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Change your mind to be healthy

Being healthy is a mindset.  Change how you think of health. It’s not all about weight, food and the next fad diet or miracle pill.  Look at your life not your body and what do you see?  Is it balanced between work, kids, education, fun,…

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Carotenoids linked to lower rate of prostate cancer

  At a GlanceHigher intakes of dietary carotenoids such as beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin may be associated with a significant reduction in prostate cancer risk.Read more about this research below. The dietary carotenoid lycopene, which gives tomatoes and watermelon their red color, has been…

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