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7 Steps for Growth and Success

Here are seven steps to building a solid foundation for growth and to flourish with success.   Day 1: BE MORE MINDFUL   The solid foundation of change, growth & evolution begins with a commitment to being more mindful. Once you become more mindful, you…

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The Improtance of Sleep.

  Sleep and Health   Well in one word it’s Necessary. We need good quality sleep for 6 – 8 hours a night according to most scientists. This is when many of the body’s restorative functions happen, both mentally and physically. Are you having problems…

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My Health Formula – #2 Exercise

  How To Start Well here goes.  There are so many theories and ways to exercise it gets really confusing on how to start and what to do next.  I train a wide variety of clients and use different training techniques depending on their goals. …

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My Health Formula – #1 Diet

Hello Readers; I’m a certified personal trainer here in Canada and have been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade now.  I’m 47 years old and can outperform most men half my age.  I’m not a big guy at 5’8” and 158lbs. …

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White Tea and Health

Interesting article from a trusted source. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next time you’re making a cuppa, new research shows it might be wise to opt for a white tea if you want to reduce your risk of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or even just age-associated wrinkles. Researchers from Kingston…

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The Role of Blood Sugar

  The body operates on blood sugar, especially the brain. In other words, our brain needs sugar to work. Therefore, the body is very concerned about trying to control the level of blood sugar. If the blood sugar gets too high—greater than 200 mg/dl—a patient…

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