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Selenium- Good for the Heart?

Research suggests there may be multiple reasons the trace mineral selenium is good for the heart. HEALTHY SELENIUM LEVELS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH LOWER PLASMA HOMOCYSTEINE The association of selenium status with the risk of heart disease has assumed to be due to its role in…

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DUE TO OBESITY RELATED DIABETES AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE Gord Palmer: I know BMI is not a great measure of health but you get the idea here.  If you’re overweight or obese you decrease your healthy years and your lifespan. It is well established that excess body…

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Sugar Withdrawal:

Comment by Project Body Smart: We’re talking processed sugars. Sugars naturally found in whole foods don’t have the same levels of addiction because they are consumed in lower doses and along with many other macronutrients.  That being said, the readily available whole foods like fresh…

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