Project Body Smart | Eating Well? – It’s about variety and balance not elimination and avoidance.


Eating Well? – It’s about variety and balance not elimination and avoidance.



I get asked all the time about how I eat to stay healthy and fit and when I answer I get a barrage of I don’t eat gluten, dairy, carbs, fats, sugar, fruit, meat, vegetables, eggs bla bla bla.  I’m so tired of food issues that people think are going to make them thin or are making them fat or make them sick.  Other than the portion of the population that have legitimate food allergies or eat to manage particular diseases etc. the average person just needs to get real.

Eat clean real food.  Not processed.  I don’t care if you’re vegetarian or a meat eater but know your diet so you get a good variety of clean real food balanced with complex Carbs, Good Fats and Proteins.

It’s not rocket science folks.  Get your diet under control by gathering, preparing and consuming Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Seeds and Nuts.  If consumed in a balanced meal with lots of variety you’ll get a wide range of nutrients.  Eating this way will automatically eliminate processed foods that glow in the dark, explode your blood sugar levels and send your body into a hurricane of chain reactions to deal with food chemicals.

Eating clean real food allows you to focus on what you’re eating instead of such things as eating low glycemic, low fat, sugar free, low carb or calorie counting.  Eating clean eliminates the “I can’t have” mentality.  Concentrating on what you can have is much more enjoyable and will change the way you eat for the rest of your life.

So start today and explore all the healthy clean foods you can eat.  Start buying, preparing and consuming these new clean real foods and all that factory food will just disappear from your cupboards over the next few weeks.  If you slip and eat some of those food like substances produced by the factory so what.  Get back on your healthy clean eating as soon as possible.  You’ll slip less often as you continue to eat well because now the factory food is what makes you sick and feel like crap not good healthy food like vegetables.

You’ve made the transition back to what you’re supposed to be eating and your body doesn’t want that food like substance anymore.  Or maybe you’ve never eaten healthy and this is the first time for you.  Give it some time as the body needs to adjust and get used to this new diet of nutritious foods.  Ease into by adding in real food and slowly pushing out processed convenience food.

Being healthy is not convenient.  Take time to enjoy the process of gathering, preparing and consuming nutritious food that fuels the best body you can have.  We only get one.  Look after it.



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