Project Body Smart | Exercise during pregnancy. [Infographic]


Exercise during pregnancy. [Infographic]

The safest, most effective ways to stay fit and healthy.

By John Berardi, Ph.D.

Yes, you can — and should — exercise during pregnancy. Here’s how to stay fit while keeping your baby (and yourself) safe and healthy.


The research is pretty clear: Exercise during pregnancy offers tons of health benefits to you and your child, both now and down the road.

That said, it’s not good if you choose the wrong workouts, or to mistakenly overdo it.

Here’s a simple guide to the safest, most effective ways to stay fit and lean — and support your baby’s health and your own at the same time.

Want to print this out and bring it with you? Post it at the gym? Click here to download.



Click here for a fully printable version of this infographic. Take these tips with you to the gym, share them with your trainer, or just keep them handy as a reminder next time you want to work out.

Want to learn more? For a complete explanation of this infographic, check out our accompanying article: “Pregnancy Workouts: How to exercise during pregnancy.”

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  • Lisa Hill

    Workout is really great, but make sure not to overdo it because it could turn against you. However if you do it in the presence of a good trainer it is a really great routine.

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