Project Body Smart | Food science may create addictions


Food science may create addictions


I’ve been coaching this for a long time now. My clients who follow my advice to avoid factory food like substances and eat clean real food get much better results than those who do not. It is my belief that a lot of people have lost their taste for real food. Processed foods offer higher and higher amounts of pleasurable taste chemicals that keep us coming back for more. So much so that when we consume real food it leaves us feeling unsatisfied and looking for junk food deserts or snacks after dinner or a coke during dinner. It’s a food manufacturers conspiracy. Paranoid? Maybe, maybe not.

From the book diet recovery by Matt Stone.

“Modern food is processed and manipulated in such a way by food scientists that it can be quite addictive. The purpose of one of these food “engineers” is to create food that evokes the absolute maximum pleasure response in the human brain. When they succeed, customers tend to suddenly find all other food to be unpalatable, and need junk food to get the level of neural satisfaction their brains are in search of.

This may seem like a far-reaching concept to some. Others may be nodding their heads in enthusiastic agreement. Regardless of what you think when first introduced to this concept, I assure you that if you follow this rabbit hole deeply enough you’ll arrive at much the same conclusions that I have.”


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