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I heard a good quote today

Conquer the Force of Mediocrity

I like that.  I often say if you want something different you need to do things differently.  Its easy to to be a dead fish and go with the flow but to be alive and swim against the flow is where excitement and success happen.  Along with feelings of gratitude, accomplishment, pride, contribution, happiness, enlightenment etc.  So many times I hear “I can’t”.  Whether that’s about money, fitness, business or whatever.  It usually means “I won’t” because its to inconvenient, to much money or its to much work or in today’s world it will take to long.

If you ask most successful people they will tell you they swam against the flow and it was hard but worth every stroke to get where they are today.  Time and financial freedom only comes to those who do what it takes and it takes what most people are not willing to do. Making little decisions everyday that move you toward your goals and dreams. Being consistent and persistent with forming good habits to assist your journey to freedom.  Not sleeping in,  giving up TV, video games, sports that take to much time commitment, not doing the extra work after dinner or on weekends etc.

I love some of the excuses for not doing things or attending meetings etc.

I can’t, Survivor is on tonight or American Idol.

I forgot

I went golfing with my dad

I have an appointment – (what your business meeting is not an appointment?)

I have to let the dog out.  (hmmm perhaps the dog will get you to financial freedom)

These are all excuses that will keep you in mediocrity and if you’re OK with that.  Be Happy.

If you’re not and you want to Conquer the Force of Mediocrity start taking action to turn yourself around and swim against the flow.



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