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Kitchen 911


Fast food prep with Coach Jay

by Krista Scott-Dixon

Evolution…Precision Nutrition style

5 million years ago: Prehumans evolve opposable thumbs.

2.6 million years ago: Humans figure out that pointy rocks are good for smashing things.

~400,000 years ago: Humans start using fire.

40,000-20,000 years ago: Humans make stoves out of clay.

1994: George Foreman grill invented.

Thumbs, knife, fire, lean mean grilling machine: Now, the world has everything it needs for healthy eating.  Oh, except one more: Coach Jay Bonn.

Special agent Jay Bonn

Cue the sound of helicopter blades. Whup whup whup.

Coach Jay is air-dropped by the PN secret ops into a New York City apartment.

The mission: Save a Precision Nutrition client from his own cupboards.

“I was walking into a complete foreign situation. I had no idea what this guy had, what his kitchen setup was like, what food he liked, how he liked it cooked. Nuthin’.”

Turns out Mr. Client had “every damn appliance known to man”, but never used anything. Like many people, Mr. Client’s kitchen was a cluttered mess.

Yet within milliseconds of surveying the culinary landscape, Coach Jay’s eagle eye spotted an important clue. Mr. Client’s computer area was neat and organized.

“This is symbolic of where he’s at in his life: His work is rocking. His nutrition at the time… not so much.”

Mr. Client didn’t need another diet, another gizmo, or any more novelty. He needed a clear, basic, efficient system. And an eating space as orderly as his working space.

Luckily, our man in NYC is a trained professional. “I really just improvised the whole thing,” explains Coach Jay, modestly.

“All I used was a knife, cutting board, his stove, and an indoor grill. I didn’t even want to use that last gadget, except it was the one thing he actually used, so I showed him how to get that working for him also.”

“Give me a knife, and fire, and I’m good.”

Kitchen 911: Food prep

In today’s episode of Kitchen 911, Coach Jay takes you through the food prep process.  From kitchen cleanout to final product, you’ll be amazed at how easily and efficiently a disaster kitchen can be recovered.

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Three quick tips from Coach Jay


Make the decision beforehand to get rid of things you don’t want to eat.  This decision should be made before you’re craving them.  And, obviously, before you eat them.  Whether that’s junk food or chicken skin, set yourself up for success.


It takes just as long to roast two chickens as it does to roast one. It takes just as long to buy five bags of spinach as it does to buy one. Fill your grill or oven, then pack everything into containers to freeze or refrigerate.


If you’re time-crunched, set aside a few hours on the weekend (or whenever it’s quieter for you) to prep food in advance for the week. An hour spent during your “ritual” is worth several hours during the week.

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