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Measuring Progress

It has become increasingly clear to me that most people don’t know how to measure progress.

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Here’s something that’s difficult for many people to grasp: oftentimes, you have to let change happen without realizing you’re changing.

Let me explain. Sure it’s easy to tell if you’ve lost weight by looking at a scale. But so many people become burned out because that scale number doesn’t drop (or rise) fast enough.

They quit because they don’t see anything changing.

But usually you’re looking in the wrong place or just too impatient to see that changes are happening.

When you become stronger on an exercise, do more reps, or need less rest, that is progress.
When you consistently complete all your workouts, that is progress.
When you eat the foods you wanted to eat and feel in control, that is progress.
When you sleep more and stress less, that is progress.
When you have more energy and feel better about yourself and don’t worry about every tiny detail, that is progress.

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All of these measurements–the process goals–are what matter most. They are what will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Funny thing is, this applies to everyone. Both beginners and experts.

In school, if you just focus on getting good grades, odds are you won’t do as well as if you just focused on studying and learning.

Your results are the byproduct of the steps you take.
Take them repeatedly and good things will happen. It doesn’t occur overnight or within 4 weeks or 21 days. But it will happen. You just have to stay the course and not quit.

When that happens, the visual results you’re looking for will sneak up on you and be as awesome as you imagined.

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