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Network Marketing – My experience.

Network Marketing – Why does it scare you?

Whether you call it Direct Sales, MLM, Network Marketing it’s all the same industry.  I’ve been in network marketing for over a decade now and it’s really a great industry. However it definitely is not for everyone.  Just like dentistry, auto mechanics, retail sales, food service, not everyone wants to be a professional network marketer.  You choose what you want to do with your life based on your interests and desires.  Well maybe that’s what we should do but a lot of the time it’s based on circumstance, money, gender, ethnic background, lifestyle, our own feelings of limitation etc.  So ask yourself, am I truly satisfied with what I do for a living?  If so, great, if not, what are you doing about it? Another question to ask yourself.  Is what you’re doing for pay getting you the lifestyle you want?  Will it ever?  Not likely.

We don’t get financial freedom from our jobs or careers alone.  I’m talking about true financial freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you choose.  An exercise that I did thanks to a psychologist a long time ago was to think of the last five years of your life and ask yourself, do you want to repeat those five years?  Financially or otherwise.  I sure didn’t as I was in debt and saw no real way to get out fast.  The psychologist then said if you don’t want to repeat the last five years over and over again you must do something different to get different results.  That was it.  That exercise got me thinking about what I could do differently to get myself moving toward financial freedom.  So I started reading and talking to people and exploring my options.

I had a good paying job but it was very stressful and was taking its toll on my health and happiness.  I was already invested in a design build business with my partner and was starting my own business in the network marketing industry.  We owned a rental property and our home so everything looked relatively good.  I wanted more though than slogging away at a job I didn’t particularly like.  Well careful what you wish for.  I got downsized shortly after starting my Network Marketing business.  I decided not to go job hunting right away but to work on my businesses to see if I could make a go of it.

Within a year the businesses were doing better and I decided to re-educate myself as a personal trainer and fitness leader.  The Network Marketing business I had started is a health and Wellness Company and it impacted me so much that I completely changed career paths.  Health and Wellness is definitely my passion and I really enjoy helping others get results through my health formula.  I now had another business to build. My personal training business.  I started teaching and training at a local gym and eventually took a couple of management positions temporarily to help out the gym.  I have returned to just teaching and training as that’s where my true calling is.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well to give you a little background on me and what I’ve done in the past that gives me the position to share with you that Network Marketing is the fairest and most motivating industry I’ve been in.  Let me list some of the benefits.


Nothing can hold you back except yourself – You are responsible for your success or not.



Sexual orientation


Financial Position


Anyone can win at this game and if you join the right team everyone wants you to win. 


Does that happen in your workplace?

Is there competition for advances, raises, management positions etc.?

Are you paid on your performance or do you have to play office politics to succeed?

Do you get paid more if you work harder or the same no matter how hard you work?

Do you give yourself a raise or do you have to ask your boss?

Do you worry about being let go, laid off or fired because someone is willing to do what you do for less?

Do your coworkers help you succeed?

Does your boss want you to do better than him/her?

Do you have unlimited income potential?

Do you work the hours you want to work?

These are just some of the things I realized over time that I didn’t have to worry about in my network marketing business.  Don’t get me wrong I work hard but it pays off and nobody tells me what I’m worth.  My team and I work hard to help anyone who wants it, succeed.

In all my years as an employee and traditional business owner I have never felt as cared about or received as much help and personal development as I have with my network marketing team.  Even people that have nothing to do financially with my success have helped me out and now I help others in the same way.

If you’re tired of the everyday battle to survive and want to do something different.   I encourage you to take a look at network marketing.


Here are some tips to finding the right company for you.


Find a product that you yourself will consume or use and be willing to share the results with others.

Find a Team not just a sponsor.  You’ll need support, trust me.

Make sure they have a good training system in place for new members

Make sure the company belongs to the Direct Sellers Association

Look for third party accolades, testing, certifications etc.

Make sure the company gives back to the world in some way.  Donations to help the less fortunate and or Green initiatives etc.

Look for a lucrative compensation plan that pays well if you build a strong business

Look for a win win situation when it comes to compensation plans.  Fair for everyone no matter when you join the company and is based on effort not positioning

Be careful of companies that are all bling and prizes etc.

Be careful of recruiters that just recruit and don’t train and build teams.

Join a company that’s been around for a while and has strong roots.

Companies that are publically traded on an exchange are easier to check out financially.


You don’t want to harass your friends and family until they won’t talk to you anymore so look for a company that will train you to share your business with people in a respectful, non-threatening manner that everyone is comfortable with.

If none of this sounds appealing to you then Network Marketing is probably not the right business for you.  I do recommend you find some sort of additional, residual income to get you the results you’re longing for.


Why does it scare you? 


Because not all companies are created equal and some do not train their people well.  Some people are just aggressive and no matter what they do for living they will harass anyone.  Most likely the experiences you’ve had with network marketers that made you uncomfortable are just poorly trained or new associates without leadership trying to build their businesses.  It’s really no different than a new waiter or waitress being clumsy and unsure of themself in a restaurant. That probably made you uncomfortable as well.

I’m not excusing bad behavior in network marketing or any other industry but there are intrusive, aggressive people in all careers and businesses. Why would network marketing be any different?  You can however choose not to be one of those people and join a team that doesn’t train you to be that person.  Join a team that cares about people and improving people’s lives whatever that may mean to the individual customer.

Ok I’ve rambled enough.

Please feel free to comment and or ask questions etc.



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