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No Bones about It: Exercise Is Great for Bone Health

Here’s another myth about exercising past 50 that we are happy to bust.

You used to hear mature people say they shouldn’t lift weights because it could hurt their bones.

But today’s active adult should know the truth: Strength training is great for bone health, and even helps prevent falls.

People experience some bone loss as we mature, and bones can get weak if we don’t take care of them. The Surgeon General urges mature people to get enough calcium, vitamin D and exercise, noting that hip fractures are especially dangerous.

Even for people who have osteoporosis, it’s not too late to start an exercise program that will be good for their bones. Talk to your doctor, of course, about any concerns you might have, and then come see us. We’ll help you work up the right routine for you.

Weight-bearing exercises don’t necessarily include picking up heavy things. Body-weight exercises can strengthen your bones, too – brisk walking, climbing stairs, yard work and lots more.

Our treadmills and elliptical trainers are great for this kind of exercise. And we’ll help you add strength training using resistance bands, free weights and machines.

“Working your muscles matters just as much as building up bone,” as WebMD says. “It can slow the bone loss that happens with osteoporosis and may help prevent fall-related fractures.”

And the Surgeon General also was happy to break another myth on this topic.

“When you think of bones, you might imagine a hard, brittle skeleton. In reality, your bones are living organs. They are alive with cells and flowing body fluids. Bones are constantly renewed and grow stronger with a good diet and physical activity.”

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