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Personalize your supplements?

Have you ever been down the “vitamin aisle” in the supermarket? It can be 100-feet long, 10-shelves high, and closing in on you from both sides? You are literally engulfed in the confusion of nutrition from reputable brands to the latest fly-by-night marketing fads.



So where do you start?

Are you going to ask the checkout clerk for advice? The stock boy? Maybe the lady in the aisle reading the back of the every bottle knows something about nutrition. You can try your luck with her, but I have a better suggestion — USANA’s True Health Assessment.

When it comes to getting started on the journey to health (or maintaining it) where do you start? I have 100 percent confidence in my nutrition, but then again, that is hardly a fair fight. I studied this stuff for 20-plus years in school, work at the greatest nutrition company in the world, and it’s my job to help develop our products and technologies.

Luckily I have my mother and father to keep me grounded. You would think nutrition would come easy to the parents of two Ph.D.’s. Actually, quite the opposite is true. My parents are constantly calling, asking about this or that or something they heard on the 5 o’clock news or The Dr. Oz  Show when it comes to their health and supplements.

The bottom line is I understand how hard it is for the majority of people to wade through all the latest research and marketing fads when designing a personalized nutritional regimen.

But you don’t have to.

USANA realized this problem many years ago. In 2008, USANA scientists joined forces with our creative, design and information technology departments to launch USANA’s Product Advisor, which later became the Health Assessment and Advisor.

The Health Assessment and Advisor was innovative then, and it’s served USANA and its Associates well over the past four years. But nutritional science has continued to advance, requiring us to look ahead.

Luckily, USANA is an innovative company that employs a whole bunch of smart people. And that is exactly what USANA has done. We’ve innovated again building on the original.

Introducing the True Health Assessment. It’s even more personalized to make your nutritional regimen as cutting edge as the science. Not only is it now much more personalized by asking more questions we know pertain to human health, but you also get a “Risk Assessment” and “Lifestyle Plan,” in addition to a complete listing of your products ranked from top to bottom, based your health needs and goals. Together, these are designed to get you on, and stay on, your road to optimal health.

Why USANA’s True Health Assessment

  • Personalization — We are all unique, and nutrition doesn’t get more personalized than asking a bunch of personal questions and then making recommendations based on your answers.
  • Portability — You never know when a conversation about USANA will pop up. With mobile devices being ubiquitous these days, you will always have USANA’s True Health Assessment at your fingertips. It’s available as an iPad app (available on USANAToday) or via the True Health Assessment website.
  • Innovative — No other company has this patent-pending technology.
  • Entirely free — It doesn’t cost you, or anybody who takes it, a single penny!

USANA’s True Health Assessment is all about you, your health goals, and the life you want to live. It’s more proof that everything we do helps you love life and live it.

Once you’ve got the reports visit my website at for a free diet and exercise consult and to purchase your supplements.

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