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The Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge


Life can become…

As a result your brain, body and drive go numb.

To maintain your zest, zeal and enthusiasm for life and the pursuit of your goals, you need to purposely shock your system, your senses, your vitality and creativity every so often.

I went to this fancy-schmancy spa a while back. While the attendant was showing me around, he pointed out, “Over there is the private Jacuzzi maintained at 102 degrees, then that next to it is the polar dip which has water that is barely above freezing.”

I asked, what I thought, was the obvious question, “Why the hell would anyone want to jump into freezing water… for fun?”

Then I got the 8-minute circulation, alkalizing, detoxifying, muscle expansion and contraction, negative energy, cancer tumor clearing benefits speech.

I didn’t buy it. I hate cold water.
I don’t surf because of it (I live on the Pacific Ocean, brrr!).

So, I’m in the Jacuzzi and I asked the other guy in there if he was going to take the “Polar Plunge.” He said, “Hell yeah! It’s awesome!” Then he asked me if I was. I said, “Hell no! I’m no masochist. I don’t enjoy other forms of torture either.”

Then I watched, as he went back and forth between the hot and cold a few times, each time getting more animated about how “awesome” it was and how much of a wussy I was for not trying it.

That’s it, no one calls me a wussy!
So I took the plunge.

After I realized I wasn’t actually having a heart attack and what felt like the million little needles that were seemingly puncturing my body weren’t going to pierce any vital organs, I got OUT. And I hate to admit it… I felt awesome! I haven’t felt that invigorated in a long time.

I continued to feel awesome the rest of the entire day and for several days thereafter.

Now challenging your senses doesn’t have to be that extreme (although it’s pretty “awesome”), but you should continually challenge yourself and your senses, by doing something you haven’t ever done before.

I’ll give you a for instance. I was in Hawaii a few months back giving a private workshop for 90 CEO’s who had come in from all over the world. I was going to be there a total of four days, including the two half-day workshop sessions and a day to vacation on either side.

The first day my wife and I were laying by the pool getting some much needed R&R and I thought, how many times have I relaxed by the side of a pool that I cannot even remember because it wasn’t very memorable? In other words there was no sensory charge.

I decided we had to anchor the day in our memory by doing something we hadn’t ever done before so it would then become a stand out day. So we hired a Hobie Cat sailor and went out and sailed the ocean and tried to catch waves.

Admittedly I wasn’t really into the idea and was feeling like I just preferred to hang by the pool, but I pushed myself to do it anyway.

Well, it was a blast and now I will remember that day for many years to come—it was a high charged day.

Over the proceeding days we picked one thing to do to anchor the day: we paddle surfed one day, zip lined another and took a helicopter over the island on the final day.

Even though the trip was only a few months ago, those are really the only four things I remember doing outside of the workshop. Where we ate, what else we did was a blur, because it was expected, “normal” and well, low charge.

Now, every week I schedule in something to do that I haven’t ever done before… just to keep my charge. AND I am more conscious about saying yes to new experiences than I might have been before, because I know it is a key to keeping my charge.

I recommend you try it too. This week do something new, adventuresome, something way out of the ordinary for you… then I would love to hear about it.


Tell us what you plan to do to polar plunge your senses this week in the comments below.




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