Project Body Smart | Rebuild your relationship with Clean Real Food.


Rebuild your relationship with Clean Real Food.

I’ve been observing people for over a decade now and how they consume food.   In my opinion we need to rebuild our relationship with food.

Here are some common and not so unrealistic views of food

To full of poison, To nutrient deficient, To processed, To fattening, To sweet, To salty, To high glycemic, To low in fiber, To high in fat, To over cooked, To undercooked.

And the list could go on but the point is we no longer understand real food. Most of us don’t grow our own food, we often don’t prepare it ourselves, we don’t preserve it and store it and how many people actually sit down with the family and enjoy it anymore?  I mean sitting at the dining table without the TV, Cell phones, iPads or other distracting and avoidance type tech.

Yes food can be fattening and harmful if not grown, prepared, preserved and consumed with love and attention to health.  There are so many articles out there telling us we should eat this and we shouldn’t eat that. Media tells us we should eat all kinds of food like products that nobody except the food scientists could tell you how it is made.  It certainly wasn’t grown in the traditional sense of the word.

I’m just a guilty of writing blog entries and posting articles that would scare the pants off you and keep you from any kind of healthy relationship with food.  I hope to change that.  I would like to think that I provide an education process that leads to healthier eating and a better understanding of real food.

Real food should be enjoyed and the body should be respected.  Real food feeds the body and in return the body performs miracles for us.  It’s when we abuse it by starving ourselves all day that we face the bodies’ uncontrollable response to this.  We starve our body when we are  in the presence of others that we feel may judge us and make up for it when we are alone or with those that commiserate with us.  This over indulging leads to all kinds of health issues and of course a much more screwed up relationship with food.  We blame food when it’s our behaviours and habits that are to blame.  Your body is only responding to what YOU are doing to it.

Being healthy is not convenient and it takes time and effort.  But if you put as much time into it as you do watching TV or on the computer or running your children around to way to many events you’d find you have plenty of time to learn and enjoy the acquisition, production, preparation, preserving and consumption of good clean real food.  Now we can’t all grow our own or have a ton of room for preserves but there are sources out there in your community that you can tap into.

Pull back and take a look at your life do you really need to run around like a taxi service or can you limit the kids to one or two events a week or share the driving with other parents. Can you give up a couple hours of television each day and get everyone involved in food prep for the next day or so.  Making wholesome lunches and doing some meal planning would go a long way.  This also helps your family build a better relationship with food for their futures.

I think once you start changing your lifestyle to looking after your body instead of merely eating between tasks and events it will become habit and you’ll feel so much better.  Your relationship with food will grow into a healthy love for nourishment instead of a paranoid avoidance of food and then binge eating.


My coaching includes the following for good reason. My clients get results and are way happier when they follow these general guidelines.


Eat Clean Real Food and Water

limit processed foods and beverages


Exercise Daily

moderate exercise is fine.  You don’t need to go to a gym workout until you puke.


Get quality sleep

Very important for all kinds of health reasons. Don’t just except that you don’t sleep well.  Find out why and look for a solution.


Manage your stress

We all have stress in our lives and it’s a healthy thing.  We must however find ways to alleviate chronic ongoing stresses.  The low level stresses that nag at us all the time.  We used to call it worrying and we need to find ways to release it and relax.


Take a pharmaceutical grade supplement

We don’t get everything in our diets today.  We face to many obstacles in our lives today that require extra nutrients even if our food wasn’t nutrient depleted.  The air we breathe, the water we drink and the endless go, go, go until we drop into bed at night.  Even the media we take in is stressful on the mind and body and this lifestyle can cause nutrient deficiencies.


My advice to you is to rebuild your relationship with food to a healthy loving one of nourishment and enjoyment.

I would love to hear about your relationship with food.  Leave your comments below.

Live mindfully



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