Project Body Smart | Recouping from Holiday Overindulgence


Recouping from Holiday Overindulgence

Gordon – Personal Training Team Leader, Global Fitness Kelowna, Owner of Project Body Smart.

The Best is to not overindulge in the first place, but few can or want to do that.  Including me.

So, Try These Suggestions During and After the Holidays.

Exercise During:

Stay active even if you’re not in your regular routine.




If it’s to cold, do a home workout or do some speed walking at the mall, go swimming at a local recreation centre, get to the gym even if it’s not as frequent as you would like.  Practice yoga or Dance. Just do something to move your body.

Post Christmas Exercise:

Get back to your regular exercise routine as quick as possible. Start slow if you’ve been inactive for a couple of weeks. Try some different workouts or fitness classes.  Find some activities that peak your interest and get your heart rate up.

Diet During:

Eat Slowly to satisfied not stuffed

Wait 15 minutes between servings to let your body tell you if you’re satisfied or not. Even if you’re not quite satisfied there is still desert.  So, leave room.

Careful of the mindless eating of candy and treats that are displayed in tempting dishes everywhere. Don’t have them out all day in your house.

Post Christmas Diet:

Get back to eating healthy as quick as possible.  Cut out or drastically reduce alcohol. Get rid of any candies and sugary treats.  It’s either in the waste or on your Waist.  And NO, your spouse and kids don’t need it either.  Even if they are voracious eating bean poles.

Stress During:

It’s a busy time. Usually with family and less sleep so it can be stressful. Find time to unwind and relax.  Take time for yourself.  Take a few minutes here and there.  Before getting out of bed or after everyone settles in for the night. Gather everyone for a movie.  Get some family or friends out for a walk in the fresh air or go by yourself is that’s what you need.


Post Christmas Stress Relief:

Get back to your regular routines as soon as you can.  Try to get in some Quiet time reading, yoga, meditation etc.  Get back to your workouts or exercise activities as soon as you can.

Sleep During:

Try and get enough sleep.  If you’re a napper, try and get some quick zzzzs in when you can.  Not more the 20 minutes or your regular sleep might be affected.  It can be tough during the holidays with so much going on.  Try some deep breathing before sleep to help calm things down so you can fall asleep.  If you frequently get up during the night to pee, try not drinking anything a couple of hours before bed and make sure you go before you get into bed.

Post Christmas Sleep:

Get back to regular bedtime routines or develop one if necessary.  I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the best way to feel yourself again.  No tv or electronics 20 minutes before sleep, read a book, Breath, have a lite conversation with your spouse or family.

Room should be dark, cool and free from cellphones and other electronics.  Use clocks with orange or red light not green or blue.  Clean your sheets and air out your pillows regularly.

A little off topic but There is a great book out there called The Healthy Home by Dr. Myron Wentz and his son Dave Wentz.  It has some great tips that can help make your home healthier without having to renovate the entire house.  Here’s a link to a video the authors put together.   

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season


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