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Hopefully, this will inspire you to you check out Ask the Scientists, which is an awesome database filled with some of the most frequently asked questions and answers related to USANA products, clinical research, and health in general.

Not familiar with Ask the Scientists? Start by checking out some of the featured questions below, then stop by and click on “Science,” located under the “The USANA Difference” tab. From there, you’ll find the database and gain access to a broad spectrum of scientific knowledge. Be careful though — this tool can become pretty addicting once you become familiar with it!

Below are five questions that can be found on Ask the Scientists.


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Can vitamin supplements cause dependency? Will I go through withdrawals if I stop taking them?


Vitamins are molecular compounds necessary for normal health and growth in higher forms of animal life, including humans. Humans must obtain essential vitamins from food or from supplements because the human body cannot produce these compounds on its own. Lack of a particular vitamin in the diet may lead to a deficiency disease. (This is how vitamins were first discovered.) Aside from the possibility of inadequate nutrient intake from the diet, no side effects are associated with discontinuation of the USANA supplements.


Can USANA divulge information regarding potential products or reformulations?


Because USANA is a publicly traded company, we are unable to discuss products and reformulations that may or may not be in the research and development stage.


Are USANA supplements safe for people with sulfa allergies?


Many people who are allergic to sulfa drugs mistakenly assume that sulfa and sulfur are related. Sulfa is an abbreviated name for specific antibiotics called sulfonamides. A person who is allergic to these medications should not use them. Sulfur, on the other hand, is an essential mineral found in nearly all proteins, vitamin B1, and multiple amino acids. It is not possible to be allergic to sulfur because the body cannot function properly without it. Sulfate is simply a combination of the elements sulfur and oxygen and is naturally present in relatively high concentrations in human blood. To summarize: the USANA products do not contain sulfa drugs. Someone with a sulfa allergy can safely take all of USANA’s supplements.


Can children use the USANA Foods?


School-aged children (typically 5+ years old) can occasionally use the USANA® Foods as a snack in addition to their regular meals. The USANA Foods should not, however, be used as meal replacements for children. Also, due to its high fiber content, Fibegry® Plus would not be appropriate at recommended serving sizes until adolescence. For pre-teens, serving sizes of Nutrimeal™ may need to be adjusted according to the size and activity of the child.


What is the caloric content of the USANA® Nutritionals?


USANA Nutritional products are not a significant source of calories. For example, an entire daily dose of the Essentials (eight tablets) provides less than one calorie. Most of the supplements provide less than one calorie per daily dose.


Exceptions to this rule include:

  • BiOmega™: 10 calories per tablet, 20 calories per daily dose
  • BiOmega™ Jr.: 20 calories per packet
  • Body Rox™ Active Calcium™ Chewable: 4 calories per tablet, 16 calories per daily dose
  • HealthPak™: between 1 and 2 calories per daily dose
  • Usanimals™: 4 calories per tablet
  • OptOmega®: 80 calories per serving (as listed on label)


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