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Selecting a good Vitamin and Mineral Supplement.

Selecting a good vitamin and mineral supplement can be confusing and difficult if you don’t know what to look for.

Here are some things to look for.





Who is manufacturing the product?  The company itself or does it contract the manufacturing out to some large production company.  Quality control is very important and companies that manufacture in house are far more likely to have higher standards.  Production staff cares about quality as they are probably consuming the product they’re producing.  Look for companies that manufacture to Pharmaceutical grade and have potency and purity guarantees.




Is the company science based and credible?  Companies make all kinds of claims about the latest berry or juice or liquid versus tablet form etc.  Try not to buy into the hype of the latest fad.  Look for companies that have been around for a long time and have products based on years of research and science.  Companies that have scientists with credibility like published research papers, Patents, award winning scientific studies, lifetime achievement awards etc.

One think I look at is did the company start with a bunch of business men who then went looking for the latest greatest fad to market or did it start with a scientist who is passionate about human health who sought out business coaching to market the science.  Good companies also partner with outside research facilities to back up in house research to further solidify the studies done are accurate and effective.


Dissolution and Absorption:


Does the product dissolve in time and at the right time to be absorbed and can it easily be absorbed by the body?  There is a lot that can go wrong between your mouth and the nutrients final destination.  Taking supplements with food help with digestion and absorption.  The body releases enzymes in your saliva when you chew that help break down food as it travel through your intestines etc.  If these supplements don’t dissolve in time or at the correct time absorption can be difficult.  If the supplements aren’t in the correct form they can also be difficult to absorb.  Again, look for science based supplement companies with proven research, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing and purity guarantees.


Safe and Effective:


All of the above leads to a safe and effective supplement.  It’s definitely a buyer beware market as more and more companies jump on the billion dollar industry of supplementation.  That is why you need to find a company that provides a product that meets all the criteria above as a minimum.  Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are encapsulated groups of ingredients taken from plants or produced in a lab but if the standards above are not met they can contain much more or less than what is stated on the label and often do.  You just have to read the reports from Consumer Labs and other testing companies to see that some manufacturers are in it for the money not your health.  Not all supplement are created equal and you need to educate yourself.



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