Project Body Smart | Supplement Spotlight: MyHealthPak is Uniquely You


Supplement Spotlight: MyHealthPak is Uniquely You



You are unique. You deserve a supplement pack that meets your Needs.

MyHealthPak™ gives you a personalized approach to health that makes it easy to get the nutrition you want every day. It could be a perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.


How many bottles of nutritional supplements do you have on your kitchen counter or in that overloaded cabinet right now? I have a bunch: HealthPak, BiOmega, Vitamin D, Hepasil DTX, Proflavanol C100, Visionex, Procosa, and Probiotic.

How often do you skip taking the products in one or two of those bottles because you’re in a hurry or because you’ve run out? I manage to miss something almost daily.

When you travel, do you decide not to take your supplements, or only take one or two of them, because it is too much of a hassle to maintain your regimen every day? Well, I have a lovely Ziploc baggie that I carry around. Real classy.

It’s Time for Something Better

I realize those things listed above are definitely first-world problems, as they say. But my life is busy. Your life is busy. It’s time for a solution that makes staying healthy every day a little easier. It’s time to simplify our lives. And it’s time to make sure we get the right optimal nutrition we need for our cells, our bodies, our lifestyles — even if we’re on the go.

It’s time for MyHealthPak!

Camille with MyHealthPak

My very first MyHealthPak!

I finally placed an order for my first MyHealthPak. Ordering was quick and painless. I just went to the online builder in the shopping cart, added the 16 tablets I wanted to the AM and PM packets (there’s a minimum of 10 tablets per day), put my name and a special message on the packet, and then checked out. I already knew what I wanted, but if you don’t know what to order, USANA’s True Health Assessment can help.

In just minutes, my own unique pack was ordered and on its way! (Most MyHealthPaks will be shipped within 3-5 days and then arrive in the stated time based on the shipping method selected.)

Now, my kitchen counter is much cleaner (and stylish — the MyHealthPak box is quite lovely). I am already finding that I’m much more consistent when it comes to taking all of my supplements. And I’m really happy to make that Ziploc baggie a thing of the past when I travel for the holidays.

I love MyHealthPak because it helps me have my health, my life, my way.

Camille Fletcher



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