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Your Guide to Essential Minerals


You can’t simply make the minerals you need. And you’re not alone. Living things all over the planet deal with the same existential issue. Fortunately, the Earth is a one-stop shop for all the essential minerals your body needs to run smoothly. Minerals aren’t like vitamins….

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TABLETS, CAPSULES, INJECTIONS, AND MORE – WHAT IS THE BEST SUPPLEMENT FORM? Determining the best supplement delivery system is difficult, because of the huge variety of options available. Common pill forms, popularized by the pharmaceutical industry, include tablets, hard capsules, and soft capsules. Other vitamin, mineral, and…

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“Fillers”. “Binders.” The “other ingredients” in tablets

“Fillers”. “Binders.” The “other ingredients” in tablets. They are called excipients, and for some reason many people fear them without even knowing what they are, or why they are used. Excipients are inactive, non-medicinal ingredients that are used in tablets to impart desirable characteristics important…

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