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Why Coke is a Joke—New Ad Campaign Defends Aspartame

New Fitness Classes in Lake Country BC Canada

Gordon Palmer CPT, GFL Live in Lake Country ( Winfield ). I’ll be teaching TRX Body Camp and Tabata Style Workouts sessions Starting September 11, 2013. Register with the following link or drop by the district of Lake Country Office.

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Exploring aisles 9-13 at my local supermarket.

The World Is Fucking Insane Nick Crocker Exploring aisles 9-13 at my local supermarket. Before dinner last night, I went to buy some milk and bread at the supermarket. The bread is at the back of aisle 14 and the shortest checkout line was in…

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  Almost all foods that we eat, after being digested, absorbed, and metabolised, release either an acid or an alkaline base (bicarbonate) into blood. Grains, fish, meat, poultry, shellfish, cheese, milk, and salt all produce acid. The mass consumption of these foods have caused our…

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