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Top tips for beauty from the inside out

September 16, 2013, 11:36 am Dr Libby Weaver Yahoo! New Zealand

With the launch of Dr Libby’s new book ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’, she explains beauty in a way you may never have considered it before. Here she shares her top five beauty tips.

1. AMP UP YOUR GREENS AND EAT MORE REAL FOOD: particularly plants and dark leafy greens as they are nutrient dense and every cell in your body requires nutrients for survival and optimal functioning. When you eat real food, it’s not just about the incredible nutrients you get with each mouthful, but it’s also about what you miss out on: artificial ingredients such as preservatives, sweeteners, flavours, colours, all of which can take away from your beauty processes.

2. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: for the hydration of the dermis, the second layer of the skin, as well as so the kidneys and urinary system can do their vital blood filtration and detoxification work.

3. ELIMINATION AND DETOXIFICATION: the body has to eliminate waste efficiently via the bowels and if the load on the digestive system and/or liver is too great, those waste products have to find another exit point from the body. When there is excess waste, it will usually be eliminated through the skin so supporting great digestion and detoxification is key to the ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ philosophy.


4. RESTORATIVE PRACTICES: when we activate the calm arm of our nervous system and rest, the body knows you are “safe”. If you live on adrenalin, a stress hormone, your body thinks your life is in danger and to get you out of danger, blood is diverted away from digestion and taking care of skin, hair and nails, to the periphery (your arms and legs) as this will help you to power out of danger. I love tai chi and restorative yoga. Any breath-focused practice can get you living from what I call the “green zone”.

5. GRATITUDE AND KINDNESS: we have so much to feel grateful for. Even if you are going through a tough time, you still have bucket-loads of things to feel grateful about. What you focus on is what you feel, so focus on what you feel grateful for every day. And kindness changes the world.
Dr Libby Weaver is a keynote speaker and expert in women’s health, she is also the author of three best selling books, ‘Accidentally Overweight’, ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’ and The Real Food Chef.Beauty From The Inside Out’ will be available at and in all good bookstores from September 16 and will also be available as a step-by-step course in an online coaching program available from


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