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USANA To Open In Columbia


USANA Columbia – Frequently asked questions.


Q. Where is USANA’s office in Colombia?

A. USANA’s office in Colombia will be located in Bogota. The office address will be released nearer to the date of our official opening in this market.


Q. Will there be any branch offices in Colombia?

A. USANA will follow the pattern they have established in other countries, to start with only one office. When needed, USANA will work with Distributors and Preferred Customers who reside in other regions of Colombia to add new offices.


Q. Who is the market General Manager?

A. USANA will announce key management decisions closer to our market opening.


Q. What products will be available in Colombia?

A. We expect our core line of USANA® Nutritionals, as well as a number of USANA Foods products, will be available in Colombia at launch.


Q. Will prices of USANA products in Colombia be more or less expensive than those sold in Mexico?

A. Pricing for Colombia should be fairly similar to pricing in Mexico. Specific prices will be available closer to the official opening date in Colombia.


Q. Will the products in Colombia follow U.S. formulation?

A. USANA adheres to the standard formulas for its products where possible and adapts the formulas for some products in order to meet local regulations. USANA’s goal is to produce supplements with the highest possible standards and meet local regulations.

Q. Are the USANA products for Colombia potency guaranteed?

A. Yes. USANA products for Colombia meet the exact same quality standards as those sold in all other markets. All materials come from the same sources and are made with the same Good Manufacturing Practices.


Q. How much will it cost to enroll as a Distributor in Colombia?

A. An applicant must purchase a Starter Kit, or Business Development System, for COP$65,000, to enroll. To maintain Distributor status, a yearly renewal fee of COP$33,500 must be paid. Preferred Customers can enroll for free.


Q. Is USANA using the same compensation plan in Colombia as in other markets?

A. Yes, subject to approval by market authorities, USANA will be offering its standard compensation plan to Colombian Associates.


Q. Is there a Preferred Customer program in Colombia?

A. Yes.

Q. Where can I find USANA prospecting tools for Colombia?

A. USANA is currently creating some exciting and useful prospecting tools for Colombia. These sales tools will be available on USANA today closer to our official market opening.


Q. Is there an Autoship program in Colombia?

A. Yes.

Q. Will existing Associates be able to transfer their business to Colombia?

A. Yes. USANA will allow existing Associates/Distributors to transfer their Distributorship over to Colombia as their home market. The Associate/Distributor must will-out and sign the Colombia Associate Application and Agreement, and send it to USANA with a request for the change. USANA will be waiving the country change fee for a limited time.


Q. Are Associates allowed to advertise prior to the opening of Colombia?

A. Advertising in any medium is not allowed until USANA has officially opened the market.


Q. Can I go to Colombia now and begin talking to people about USANA?

A. It is OK to talk to your friends and family in Colombia about USANA’s upcoming opening. However, you will not be able to advertise or enroll Associates or customers until the market opens.


Q. Can I ask a prospect in Colombia to sign a letter of intent to join my team ahead of the market opening?

A. Yes. USANA has provided a non-binding letter of intent template in Spanish, English, and French on USANAtoday for this purpose. EN SP FR


Q. Are you holding a grand opening event in Colombia? If so, when and where?

A. USANA will host a grand opening for Colombia. It will likely take place a few months after we officially open in the market. Look for more details on USANAtoday after the market launch.


Q. Can Colombians order USANA products for their personal use before the market officially opens?

A. No, prospective Associates and customers in Colombia will need to wait until the market opens to purchase USANA products.


Q. What product payment methods will be available for Associates and customers?

A. Payment methods available will include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PSE, the Colombian Payment System, and cash.


Q. What commission payout methods will be available for Associates?

A. USANA will pay commissions through Electronic Funds Transfer. Additional options, like an e-wallet system, may also be available.

Q. Will there be enrollment packs available in Colombia?

A. We are currently working on creating enrollment packs. More details will be available on USANAtoday prior to the market opening.

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