Project Body Smart | We know you’re stressed and life is crazy busy.


We know you’re stressed and life is crazy busy.

Not exercising may make it worse.

We all know Life is not Predictable all the time.  Here are a few tips for when life  gets crazy busy and your stressed.

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1. Any movement is better than none – exercise helps deal with stress and you don’t have to kill yourself every time you workout. Do what you can with how you feel.

2. Do whatever you’re doing harder, faster to get that blood flowing and heart rate elevated

3. Think about the Big Picture.  What can you do over the next few days instead of focusing on the session you missed today.

4. Take the stairs, park and walk, make phone calls from exercise equipment….. or while going for walk.

5. Do bodyweight exercises like push-ups, planking, jog on the spot, jumping jacks……

6. Go to a 30 minute fitness class.  Social activity can alleviate stress.

7. Do 10 minute exercises throughout the day during gaps in your busy schedule.

8. Make your exercise count. Do whole body exercises – Squats with bicep curls, Hike various terrain vs walking on flat trails.

9. Take time to look after your mental and emotional health. Talk to someone outside your life for verbal relief without judgement.

10. Workout at home with whatever you have.

11. Change your Mindset around fitness.  Think of it as a necessity like water.  Schedule time to exercise.  It will help you cope with your crazy life.

12. BREATHE – Breathing exercises can counter the effects of stress.

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