Project Body Smart | Is Weight loss a target for 2013?


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Is Weight loss a target for 2013?


Get rid of the calories you drink.  Drink Water

Don’t weigh yourself unless you absolutely need to.  Live healthy and it will happen.

Don’t diet. Make healthy lifetime changes you can live with.

Give yourself lots of time and stay consistent

Set realistic goals

Change your habits that keep you from your desired health.

Eat Clean Real food.  Eliminate as much Processed Foods as possible.

Exercise moderately every day.  Hit is hard 2 to 3 times a week if possible.  No gym necessary.

Get good quality sleep and lots of it.  Do some research. You’d be surprised what affects your sleep.

Manage your daily stress.  Low levels stress that is there every day can contribute to weight gain and inhibit weight loss.

Take a good quality nutritional supplement.  They’re not all created equal.

Find a support group.  Join this group if you don’t have your own.  Subscribe, follow or join us. We’re here to help.

That’s an excellent start.

Make 2013 your best year ever.



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