Project Body Smart | Why this but Not This?


Why this but Not This?

junk-food-image grocery-isle processed-foods selection-of-alcohol-595x240

Why is it people will eat and drink this (Even once in awhile) without question and then complain about bloating and other discomfort and degenerative diseases?


Collection of bottles of health and beauty products

Choices for skin cream at a CVS drugstore, Boston, MA

Why is it we are willing to cover our bodies with this which is taken into the body through our lungs and skin without concern?

household chemicals

Why is it we will use these chemicals to clean our houses and clothing without questioning the harmful affects on our health? Sometimes without even using gloves for protection.



But won’t take these because we are concerned about what’s in them or that they don’t help.

     Which are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade GMPs?
     Which have a potency and purity guarantee.?
     Which have a one million dollar Athlete Guarantee?
     Which is tested and certified by third party agencies like consumer labs, NSF and others?


     Which is trying to improve your life?



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