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Eat clean, real food. What does that mean? Well if it’s blue and comes in a plastic tube it’s not food. Diet is a good 80% of the health equation…


All kinds of issues can arise from dehydration. Water can help with detox, clarity of thought, increase energy, muscle repair and much more…


What we do about chronic stress is important. Recognizing our stress triggers can be the key to moving toward being healthier…


We can’t always get enough from our food alone so cover your bases with a good supplement. Not sure how to choose a good supplement?…


A fun, body smart approach to living better through a health and fitness system appropriate and specific to you and your desired lifestyle.

For those of you seeing this site for the first time, my name is Gordon Palmer, Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I am here to do my best to educate and share what it is I do to help my clients, and anyone willing to listen, get results and live healthier lives.  Please feel free to use this site as a resource to help you learn and live a balanced mindful life.  My coaching revolves around Diet, Exercise, Functional Aging, Brain Training, Stress Management, Sleep and Nutrition.  This site will share my own coaching techniques, opinions, and lifestyle habits as well as other articles, recipes, books and Scientific studies that fit my Coaching Philosophy. I encourage you to comment on and share whatever you feel is of particular interest to you.

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Still Pondering the Project?………Need to know more about us? 

We don’t care where you’re at or where you’ve been

Only what you want to be and do.

Overweight? Happy to have you

Underweight? Hey we’re here for you to

Think you’re perfect?  Ha! We’ll take care of that as well.

All we ask is you do your best.  No excuses, just solutions.  We know shit happens. How you deal with it makes the difference.  We’re here to help.

Join the Project because you want to.

Join for life.

No guilt trips or judgement.  You’re here because you want to be better than you were yesterday and we’re happy about that.

You’re here for the long haul. No more diets, binging, cheat days………………!

Expect good basic advice.

Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Functional Aging, Brain Training, Stress Management and Nutrition. That’s it, no games. (Except fun ones)

We understand!…….We love food to.

Food is not the enemy.  We will eat.

We know the enemy well.

Food chemicals, refined sugars, highly processed foods………………..are the enemy.  We know it, you probably know it and we’re all here fighting together to seriously restrict consumption of it.

Training will be body smart and customized for you.

You know your body and we know how to get it moving.  Working together we’ll make real world decisions and set realistic goals.

You may start on a few basic weight machines and exercises to get conditioned but don’t expect to stay on machines only. You’ll be moving to the big girl/boy exercises as soon as you’re ready.

Expect to have fun

Hell ya!  Laughter is a huge part of being healthy so expect a large dose of sarcasm, humor, socially incorrect behavior and some just plain crazy shit.

We don’t kick anyone when they’re down

We will hold you accountable for showing up but we won’t kick you when you’re down.  We will do our best to pick you up, work you out, and send you home feeling better than when you showed up.

But you must show up.

Expect to learn

We don’t believe anything just because someone says it’s true. Not the television, not the internet and certainly not some bat shit crazy celebrity. We will share what we know works for us and others. You must decide if it works for you.

Prioritize the important stuff.

Family, friends, work, life are all important. So is your health. Prioritize it or lose it.

Take pride in and responsibility for yourself.

You are who you are and you can change if you want to.  Take pride in yourself and be responsible for your actions or lack of.  Take responsibility for your past self and your future.

Ultimately we want to be happy, healthy and fit and we’re making it happen one day at a time. 

Join Project Body Smart and help us change people’s lives by living yours the best way you can.



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