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Reduce Your Risk Factors for Stroke

Actor Luke Perry was a familiar face on TV screens for almost 30 years, as a teen on “Beverly Hills 90210” and recently as Archie’s dad on “Riverdale.”

His shocking stroke and death at 52 have a lot of people questioning whether there’s such a thing as “Too young for a stroke.”

The sad truth is, not really. Stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, and while it’s more common among older people, it can occur at any age.

The good news is, we can control some of our risk factors by taking better care of ourselves — including exercise, diet, reducing obesity, not smoking, and managing high blood pressure. It is “preventable, treatable and beatable,” the American Stroke Association says. You’re better off if you avoid consuming too many calories, too much saturated and trans fat, and excessive salt. The government also recommends everyone move at least 150 minutes each week.

And that’s a minimum — of movement, not vigorous exercise that can bring even greater change to your life with more strength, endurance and agility.

You have countless reasons to work out and watch what you eat. So, here’s one more: Managing your weight and blood pressure can help reduce your risk for stroke. 

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