Project Body Smart | 10 Easy Steps to a healthier you.


10 Easy Steps to a healthier you.



Pick one at a time and slowly adapt to making them habits for life.


Eat Clean Real Food

Locally grown, organic, vine ripened foods from farmers instead of unripened foods full of pesticides etc. that have been shipped miles and miles and put on the shelves of large supermarkets.  Support your local farmers and organic supermarkets instead.

Make sure Raw Vegetables and or Salad are a part of every meal.

There are valuable enzymes and nutrients in raw food that are damaged or destroyed by even lightly steaming them. To gain the most benefit eat 80% Raw if you can.  Be creative with salads.

Don’t take drugs unless absolutely necessary.

Find the root cause of the problem or pain and fix that.  Your body is telling you something.  Listen carefully and you can usually find the cause and the solution.  Your body is an amazing healer.  Give it what it needs and it will heal itself or not get sick in the first place.

Drink lots of Clean Water

All kinds of issues can arise from dehydration.  Weight gain, headaches, exhaustion, constipation, a weakened immune system etc.   Water can help with detox, clarity of thought, increase energy, muscle repair and much more.  Drink a litre of water before anything else in the morning.  Before coffee, breakfast, anything.  You will feel better all day for it.

Stop consuming “White Death” so-called foods

Highly processed so called foods full of chemical flavor enhancers, binding agents, texturizers, preservatives, colorants, and the list goes on and on.  These are not foods.   Start moving over to sprouted grain breads that are gluten-free and whole foods.  Fruits, vegetables, Seeds, nuts, legumes and water. Juicing is a great way to increase vegetable intake and keep all the goodness in.  It’s much easier for the body to digest and deliver nutrients from a smoothy or juice than eat a hard to digest piece of meat etc.

Eat a variety of foods

In season is best but try new things whenever you can.  Experiment with foods weekly and you’ll be amazed at how tasty things can be.  Your body will love you for it.

Stop eating deep fried or fast foods

You know it’s bad for you so why do it.  Just Stop.  Being healthy is NOT convenient but it IS vital.

Take a good pharmaceutical grade supplement to fill in the nutrition gaps.

We can’t get enough from our food alone so cover your bases with a good one.  Not sure how to choose a good supplement?  Don’t take the shotgun approach and try this and that and all the trendy crap out there.  Not all Supplements are created equal and some companies are downright devious in what they put in them.  That’s even if the make their own.  Check out a book called The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements.  It’s a great resource for find a good safe supplement.  You can also check out my website at for more info.

Be grateful for your body and the foods that keep it in good health.

Engage in personal development and learning.  Keep your mind happy and your heart full of gratitude.  Thank those who grow our Clean Real Foods every day at meals.  Better yet thank those farmers by buying local organic foods and conversing with them at farmers markets.

In good health.


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