Project Body Smart | 6 reasons to care about poop health. [Infographic]


6 reasons to care about poop health. [Infographic]

What your poo says about your wellbeing (and how to improve it).

By mc schraefel, Ph.D and Krista Scott-Dixon, Ph.D

There’s a secret weapon that the most dedicated health and fitness experts use to gauge whether their nutrition and habits (or their clients’ habits) are working. Drumroll…it’s poop health. That’s right, here’s what you can learn if you “turn around and look down”.

Here at PN, we have plenty of coaching clients who come to us feeling “meh.”

Workouts are a slog, meals leave them feeling undernourished or overfull, and their fat-loss and/or muscle building goals just…aren’t…happening.

Our coaches wait a few weeks to get to know them, and then pop the question:

“So…how’s your poo?”

See, your poop health can tell you a lot about how well (or not so well) your eating and lifestyle habits are working for you.

Great poo? Great life!

But “problem poo” could signal underlying health issues that result in feeling lousy or even trigger a downward spiral of ailments.

So check out this visual guide to identifying healthy vs. unhealthy poo. Learn 6 reasons it’s important to decipher your doo-doo. And discover ways you can make it better.

Download the infographic for your printer or tablet and stick it in your bathroom for quick reference. (Fitness pros: feel free to hand these to clients…or, at least, the ones you have a rapport with).


To remind yourself to turn around and look down, download a printable or tablet-friendly version of this infographic so it’s always handy.

And, if you’re a health and fitness coach, use this guide to help facilitate the potty talk with your clients.

For a complete explanation and references, check out our accompanying article, “6 reasons you should care about your poop health.

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