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A Good Attitude Can Mean Life or Death

Want to live longer but you’re always complaining about getting older? Then change how you feel about aging.

People with negative attitudes about getting older lose 7.5 years from their lifetime.

That’s the message of Amy Gorely, who was the closing keynote speaker recently at the Functional Aging Summit.

Amy is the director of community relations at North Carolina’s largest continuing care retirement community. She has launched a nationwide campaign, “Be Bold, Claim Old,” to fight ageism and celebrate every age.

“If you live long enough, ageism will affect you. Aging is universal. It’s a human condition,” she said.

Yet ageism remains a socially acceptable prejudice, in ways that can seem harmless – like “funny” birthday cards implying we’re over-the-hill at 30.

The truth is much more encouraging. Amy cited studies that show life satisfaction increases with age for most people. And the parts of the brain responsible for knowledge and wisdom continue to grow as we age.

“What’s good for the body is also good for the mind,” she said.

That means exercise on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that most older adults feel positively about their health. This is true even though many have chronic conditions.

We define good health as more than just the absence of illness or impairment. As we age, we value independence and freedom to live the way we want. 

Physical fitness is essential to maintaining that autonomy and vitality. Don’t let negative thoughts get in your way. 

Whatever your age, come play with Project Body Smart at Global Fitness and Racquet Centre.

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