Project Body Smart | Agave Syrup – Not that natural after all.


Agave Syrup – Not that natural after all.

Is this ‘natural’ sweetener healthier than table sugar?

I use Agave Syrup but I’m thinking it’s not as good as I originally thought.

As with most processed sweeteners it should be used in moderation or avoided.  The healthiest thing to do is get used to real food and retrain your body to not crave sweetened foods.

Whatever your sweetener of choice is you should be asking yourself how processed is it and limiting your intake.

Agave is supposed to be sweeter but how many of us really cut back on how much we use?  Read the following article and get a better idea of what Agave really is.

The only statement I disagree with is about the glycemic index. Although there are various factors that effect how food changes blood sugar levels it is good to consume lower glycemic foods in general.

The Truth About Agave.



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