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Anti-aging therapies at Sanoviv

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By Daniela Colin, M. D.

Our body is a wonderful gift that we are born with; you can modify it, stretch it or even overuse it, but it will always be the same one you received when you were born.

Aging is not optional, is a natural process that starts the minute we are born. In this process education is the key, the more educated a person is, the more resources they will have, and the more likely they will be healthy, cognitively active, productive, and have a level of meaning and contentment in their life.

Science knows that aging is divided in two categories, cellular and organism aging.  This last one is noted by the declining ability to respond to stress increased imbalanced homeostasis and increase risk of disease.  So if we consider aging as a disease, then it’s treatable. Cellular aging occurs due to damage to the cell membrane and organelles by different aggressor agents. In order to improve our life quality we need to understand the why before knowing the how.

There several scientist theories that try to explain aging, but in conclusion we know that our bodies are exposed to damaging agents and that our internal functions produce waste products from this reactions; based on that, we know that our body is a harmonious combination of organs and systems, all of which work together to achieve homeostasis at a cellular level. We need energy for this and that’s provided by our food intake and nutrients. If any of our functions gets damage or compromise then the whole system will suffer and will try to compensate. These actions are being performed every single day, we suffer damage and cell death, but at the same time we are repairing and detoxifying, this is homeostasis.

The problem starts when the balance is disrupted. When we are over exposed to these damaging toxins with our food, environment, stress, etc; our body repair system cannot keep up and structural and functional damage remains.

Free radicals are reactive molecules with unpaired electrons that accumulate in our body and wreak havoc on our cells, causing damage and improper functioning with eventual death. They are created in many different ways with a variety of causes, ranging from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the sun that tans our skin. The body’s ability to defuse these ticking time bombs relies on the deployment of various antioxidants that sweep through our system and dismantle these potential threats before they can damage any cells.

At Sanoviv we offer several therapies that help preventing and repairing the damage created to your cells; our toxin free facility, organic meals and relaxing environment will aid us in building your health up from the cellular level.

Glutathione is one of our therapies; this antioxidant intravenous therapy neutralizes harmful free radicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, formed during metabolic processes and then turns them into water. Adding to this, Glutathione increases the amount of available vitamin E and C, also antioxidants, in the body.  The more effectively our body scrubs excess free radicals from our system, the slower we biologically age, and glutathione is essential to that process. At Sanoviv, we use a high quality intravenous glutathione at pharmaceutical dosages that will give you immediate results.  The infusion can take place over a few minute or hours depending on whether it is added to other nutrients in an IV supplement therapy session. In addition, our Functional Nutritionists will guide you on your diet and will instruct you on the type of food that will help increase the precursor’s amino acids so you can boost your own production of glutathione.

Another therapy that we offer is Ozone Therapy, it consists three atoms of oxygen that act as “supercharged oxygen”. As an anti aging therapy, it stimulates increased uptake and utilization of oxygen by stimulating the increased formation of anti-oxidant enzymes, as well as the enzymes responsible for the release of oxygen at the cellular level. These enzyme deficiencies are at the root of all chronic disease, and are the same enzymes that become depleted as a result of the aging process.

Ozone is the most potent inducer of these enzymes that has ever been discovered.  Ozone improves circulation. It does this by enhancing what is called the rheological properties of blood. This term refers to the flow characteristics of blood as a liquid.  This effect enables more oxygen to reach the cells. Lastly, ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system, correcting the age related decline in cellular mediated immunity that is a simple fact of life. It is cellular mediated immunity that is responsible for killing cancer cells and viruses.

Our unique Detoxification Diet (Ultra Cleanse) will promote the clean out from the body’s toxins and acidic build up; most of our usual diet contains large amounts of protein, the body’s pH levels become very acidic and it starts aging a person very quickly. One of the main keys to living longer is to have lots of oxygen in the body and the right pH level for your insides. A colon cleanse can help you accomplish these goals.  Remember that cleaner internal pipes lead to longer, healthier lives!

We perform Colonics (hydrotherapy) perform by a certified colonic technician that uses a low pressure blast of room temperature warm water to irrigate the large intestine. This therapy will improve the gut cleanse process and it’s one of the best anti aging solutions.

Sanoviv is an Integral Functional Facility that focuses on Personalized Health programs, we care about your health and we know that there’s always something that you can do to improve your body. “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”(Betty Friedman)

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