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What’s stopping you from getting in shape?

Here, eight answers to that question 35 lessons from Precision Nutrition’s most successful clients. How they took the first step, lost the weight, and kept it off. By Lee Helland You wish you felt better, radiated good health, and maybe even weighed a little less….

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Should You Take Probiotics?

© Getty Images The Evidence In Favor Of Taking Probiotics Isn’t Nearly As Strong As You’d Think K. Aleisha Fetters Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter 900 SHARES “There’s limited research to back up that eating these foods will help with fighting the infections and…

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‘Should I Take Supplements with Food’ & Other Queries

Written by Nick Peterson OCTOBER 10, 2014  It’s that time again — USANA Fact or Fiction is ready to uncover the truth behind your burning questions. And hey, why not turn to our handy Ask the Scientists database to answer a handful of USANA product…

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Saturated Fats and Silly Questions

By David L. Katz, MD Disease Prevention Expert Updated May 15, 2015. I imagine those of you who try to follow the latest news on diet and heart health are pretty confused. One recent study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reaffirmed the…

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Why Your Body May Need a Probiotic Supplement

Written by Matt Jaggi MAY 13, 2015 Heard all the buzz lately about the health benefits of probiotics? Let’s just say I’d be in trouble if I had to rely on the expired carton of yogurt sitting in the back of my fridge to receive…

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